Frequently Asked Questions

The pickup boy has not arrived yet..?

We are really sorry for the delay. Get in touch with our support team if the pickup boy is not reachable.

I want pickup to be done in 1 hour slot..?

We would love to do that for you as well. However with our current resources, we are only able to pick your clothes up within a 2 hour time-slot. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Why is my booking cancelled and no one showed up..?

We normally call our first time customers to confirm the booking details and verify the address. Unfortunately, we could not get in touch with you at the time of confirmation.
We would request you to re-book your service with us again.

I want to give clothes for different categories. How can I do that..?

Simply book by clicking on any category. You can give different category clothes to the pickup boy. He would pack them in different bags and we would wash them accordingly.

Can you pick up from one address and deliver at another..?

We certainly can. Just make sure that the addresses are in nearby locality. We would request you to inform us in advance before your delivery has been scheduled.

I did not receive my invoice..?

The invoice is generated after we cart your clothes into our system and sent to your registered email address. This might take upto 15 hours after pickup. So be patient ! Your email client might be putting emails from laundryfie into your spam folder. Kindly check there too.

Still not found your invoice..?

Contact us at and we would send you one !

Why some of my clothes are returned back..?

Your clothes pass through a quality inspection before we process them. If the Quality manager feels that processing your garment might further damage the garment in any way, it would be returned un-processed to you. Apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

I gave my clothes for washing but you have charged for dry clean or vice versa..?

We follow a multi-check system to avoid such cases. Soon after the pick-up, we send a notification/SMS informing you about the number of clothes picked up in each category.