Frequently Asked Questions

The stains have not been removed..!!

We do our best to remove the existing stains. Generally, it is not possible to know how well the stain has set into the fabric. Additionally, we take utmost care not to over-process your garments, as that might damage the fabric. Keeping all these factors in mind, we are unable to provide stain removal guarantee for existing stains. If still not satisfied you can forward the images of garment at our support and we will get back to you after referring to our in-house quality team.

I am not happy with the wash quality/Ironing quality..!!

We would request you to send the images focusing on the affected area. Please send us multiple images with an image of the garment in view and email to cs@laundryfie & we will get back to you within 24 hrs!

Packaging was not good..!!

We would love to learn what went wrong and work on your feedback. Please your feedback on

Ironing is not done properly..!!

All garments are steam ironed and most customers praise our ironing. If you are not satisfied, kindly drop us images of the garments to support. Do send us multiple images. We promise to provide quick resolution !