Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work..

You can book your service with us through our website or over the phone and select a convenient date, time-slot and the category of service you would prefer. We will send our pickup boy in the selected time-slot, process your clothes at our Laundry and return them within 48 hours of the pickup. For any further clarifications, please write to

How do I check the prices..?

Go to our homescreen/homepage of our website and click on pricing category. The next screen would show the prices.

What are the various services provided by Laundryfie..?

We provide Laundry & Dry cleaning services.

Can I give garments of different categories in one booking..?

Sure. Simply book by clicking on any category. You can give different category clothes to the pickup boy. He would pack them all in separate bags and we would cart and wash them accordingly.

Does Laundryfie provides service in my locality..?

We cover all major localities in Gurgaon

What chemicals are used for washing the clothes..?

We use the best laundry detergents recommended by laundry experts to wash your clothes, rinse them with fabric softners  and dry them under low temperature in dryers to keep up the brightness of the linen.

How is the dry cleaning done..?

Dry wash is done in special 'Dry Clean machines' wherein clothes are put with PERC solvent under 30 degree temperature. A typical wash cycle lasts for 8–15 minutes depending on the type of garments and degree of soiling. 
Clothes are checked for foreign objects like plastic buttons, chains etc as solvent may react with the item. If found, such garments are given hand-dry wash.

How is the ironing done..?

We process the clothes for Steam Ironing and for linen we do heavy hand Ironing  

How do I contact Customer support..?

You can write to us at and we would revert back within 12 hours. Alternatively you can reach us over call at +91-9810876510.

What are the operational timings..?

We are operational from 8 AM to 10 PM. Our customer support lines are open from 10 AM to 8 PM.

How can I change my account information like Name, Mobile Number and Email ID..?

Each account is identified by the mobile number. All information related to your bookings (new & old), addresses and other preferences, is associated with your mobile number. If you wish to change your mobile number and email id for the same account, please contact us at However, you can update your basic profile at any time by Logging in

How can I logout..?

Simply go to 'Dashboard' will get logout option.

Does Laundryfie provides service in my locality..?

Glad to see that you want to try our service. Booking with us is a matter of few clicks:

  • Make sure that you have signed-up using your mobile number. For any help with signing up send an email at
  • Select your service and the next couple of screens would guide you through the prices and the service information. Please read the 'Service Info' section in the drawer for more information about the services
  • On landing on the 'Confirm Booking' screen, fill up your address, pickup date & time, mode of payment and click 'Continue'
  • Thank you ! We will take it from here. Expect our pickup boy in the selected time slot.

When will I receive my clothes back..?

We try to deliver the order within 48 hours of pickup and in most localities. In case of any delays, we would keep you informed.

Is there any minimum billing amount..?

No there is no minimum billing amount. We expect atleast 15 units per pick up for laundry and at least 2 cloth units for dry cleaning

I want to give clothes for different categories. How can I do that..?

Simply book by clicking on any category. You can give different category clothes to the pickup boy. He would pack them in different bags and we would wash them accordingly.

While choosing the pickup time I am shown that the slot is booked..?

We must be overbooked and have stopped taking any further bookings for that slot. The web would show you the next available slot. Please choose that. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Is there any express delivery service..?

Yes, we do have the express delivery service for delivery within 24 hours

Will I receive my clothes on hanger..?

Few garments under the 'Dry Cleaning & Special Care' category like suits, blazers, jackets, sherwani etc. are delivered on hangers. Rest of the clothes are folded well and delivered.

What are the operational timings..?

We are operational from 8AM to 10PM.